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We feel spirited to be called the Brownie Boys because this happenstance that we sought for only in our flight of fancy has led us to the state of euphoria. What is most magnetic is that what started off with just two partners is now a squad of Three – Vivek Modi(Founder), Keyur Surati(Founder), and Pinank Modi. The three of us, from wide-ranging didactic backgrounds, now lift our brand Sizzling Brownie like the four pillars supporting the roof of an abode!
Our quest
Sizzle Ahmedabad with our street side dessert initiative with the smallest amount of sizzle in your pockets.

Sizzling Brownie – Inception
Any ideology requires a lot of planning, presentations, the creation of proposals and investors in order to make an establishment, but not ours! Sizzling Brownie did not necessitate any of the above, and this is what makes it matchless, just as its concept.
So then, how did it really ensue? Two of us, Vivek Modi and Keyur Surati are fond of chocolates and brownies to the nth degree. Not wanting to squander extravagantly on one of our hangout days, we decided to make brownie at home. To our stupefaction, it turned out yum!
Sizzling Brownie- The Next Step
That was it. It swelled in us the inspiration to proffer to the people of Ahmedabad a one of a kind brownie place. A dessert does not just gladden our sweet tooth but also hands out towards the sweetness in our relationships, and relationships have no differences. This is why Sizzling Brownie was conceptualised at pocket-friendly rates to pander to everyone, be it the masses, the affluent or innocent students shielding their pocket money.
I, Keyur am a food passionate. I was ecstatic with the idea of cooking and inventing new brownie variations.
While I Vivek am already a Customer Relation Manager. I was looking forward to serving, interacting and building cheerful relations with our clientele.
Sizzling Brownie- USP’s
All said and done, we, Vivek and Keyur do have one feature that is a stand-our requisite for being an entrepreneur and that is the drive to take risks. With no calculations, proposals, projects or estimates we plunged into this business. What tots up to the distinctiveness of Sizzling Brownie is that it is positioned out front of a laundry shop! The only idea behind this was to feel the warmth and affection of your loved ones with you as opposed to the coldness and distance in air-conditioned rooms.
Opening with sizzling brownies at the slightest cost Rs. 50, two counter tables, one sizzling table and a banner, we have wound up at the summit becoming an endearing dessert joint in Ahmedabad!
Sizzling Brownie- Our tale of fame
We saw a boom when customers optimistically reviewed our food on social media websites. This has made us a cherry-picked choice amongst the foodies and the youth of Ahmedabad.
On popular demand, we stretched out to our second branch headed by Vivek Modi and Pinang Modi. Their addition to the Sizzling Brownie fervour has escalated our brand name. We acknowledged the same when customers requested for an extended hour reaching midnight to relish our brownies in out of the doors mid-night air.
Our story has also been covered by Cityshor.com, a country-wide website covering the happenings and novelties in diverse cities and areas.
Sizzling Brownie- A message from the Brownie Boys
No matter what time of year, occasion, or mood, people who stopover at Sizzling Brownie are welcomed with smiles that reach both ears. We find contentment in witnessing the first sink your teeth into the brownie expressions on the face of every customer. If not for that, we would have never had the inclination to shuffle from our jobs to our outlet on a daily basis, adding up varieties to our menu.
We are grateful to the people of Ahmedabad for their overwhelming response. While we only planted the sapling nourishing it constantly, you have watered it to a full grown tree. We reap the fruits of this concept every day. We send our gratitude!


  • Awesome Taste and simply best… good place to be with friends.

    Rakesh Tiwari
  • Not a big fan of icecreams….but dis place is deliciously awesome…..love it 2 d core

    Nitu Tiwari
  • Awesome Brownies, Loving It, Mast Variety, Hot in Cold

    Mohit Jindal
  • Awesome brownies and finger licking taste. Stuff is soft and lots of options to choose from. A place to must visit for chocolate, ice-cream and brownie lovers. Well and polite service. Don’t miss out!

    Jsinh Chauhan
  • My most faviourite place to eat an awesome brownie….i love it too much…superb….

    Dipti Prinesh Acharya

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